Things you need to know in order to modify DocFetcher:

  • Java skillz
  • Basic understanding of Git (or SVN, for older program versions)
  • Familiarity with Eclipse

License note

Before you start coding, please note that code contributions which include or depend on GPL-licensed code cannot be incorporated into the DocFetcher codebase, since the GPL is incompatible with DocFetcher's license, the EPL.

Accessing the Git repository

The source code for DocFetcher 1.1 beta 1 and newer can be found in the project's Git repository. It is publicly accessible and read-only via the following address:


For code contributions in general, you can create a account, fork the Git repository and then submit a merge request for your modifications. Creating a fork can be done on this page by clicking on the “fork” button.

You may be able to convince the project admin (me) to give you write access to the Git repository, in which case the Git repository will be available at:

ssh://[your username]

To pull from and push to this address, you'll need to enter your username and password as login.

Accessing the SVN repository

The source code for older program versions (up to v1.0.3) can be found in the SVN repository:

Note that this older source code is read-only and not maintained anymore.

Now what?

After checking out from the Git repository, have a look at the file readme.txt in the root of the checked-out folder. This file contains instructions on how to set up DocFetcher in Eclipse, and how to build it.

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